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This site is a bulletin board telematics classified ads. Anyone can enter their ads and display ads posted by users. BEING A " bulletin board telematics " REMEMBER THAT:
1 ) The site operators make public the subject of the ads, having no interest or connection with the same
2) There assumes no responsibility for the content ads and their veracity , and
3) not be liable for damages caused by the malfunction of services and damage generated from the use or misuse of this site and your ads present in it ;
4) We reserve the right to make , in any time and without the need to notify , changes with respect to the presentation and configuration as well as for content and services on any page of this website web ;
- ) INSERTING ADS Inserting adverts will exclusively through the links in charge. The advertisements sent to us any other form will not be taken into consideration. save of an express agreement with the person concerned . The staff reserves the right to enforce that rule in any form ( INSERTING ADS ) .
-) ADS PUBLICATION The staff reserves the right to examine the ads before any publication. This examination will lead to : - change ad in case of errors of any kind ( grammatical category , compilation , a lack of data , etc.). , while still complying with resulting from the insertion of the will of the person concerned . - elimination of the ads in the event of duplication, not texts appropriate or otherwise outside of the purposes of the processing , absence of contact or another - whether ad satisfy the conditions described above , staff may, at its discretion not to apply the rules above ( PUBLICATION ADS ) , always respecting current legislation regarding privacy.
-) SHOWCASE Some ads may be placed in the window ( with space ads in evidence). The choice of ads for the showcase will be at the sole discretion of the staff. the staff reserves the right to assert in any form that rule ( SHOWCASE ) .
- ) CHANGE OR REMOVAL ADS Changes or deletions of the ads tell us to be via the link " assistance." Must indicate in a appropriate changes to be made must nevertheless be within the limits and in accordance with the purposes of the service .
-) SUPPORT To contact the staff must use the appropriate link ( assistance ), indicating a valid email address for your reply. Not be taken into cosider phone numbers or any other means of communication different from the email address . You will be contacted as soon as possible . In general, the time range from one / two days to a week depending on the workload staff . The staff reserves the right to enforce any form that rule ( SUPPORT ) .